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Album Review: Jade Jackson’s ‘Gilded’

Introducing Country Singer Jade Jackson

Hailing from Santa Margarita in central California Jade Jackson is about to release her debut album titled Gilded which is due for release on 19th May 2017. The talented singer-songwriter has been writing songs since she was thirteen and has shared the stage with some of country music`s best including Dwight Yoakum Merle Haggard and Rosie Flores.

Jade has honed her craft to produce a gritty album full of deep meaningful lyrics and brooding songs.

Consisting of eleven tracks Gilded kicks off with the first track Aden the opening bars of the song set the tone as Jade rasps the opening lines.

“I grew up my father’s daughter, he said don`t take no shit from no one.”

The uncompromising attitude carries on through the track which is also strangely catchy, a great song to introduce the listener the artist.
Gentle guitar strums start the next offering Back When which is a more laid back, gentler song than the album opener. As the title suggests the singer is looking back in a reminiscing sort of way

Bridges is another track set to a gentle starting backing which kicks in to emphasise the chorus and punch lines which are delivered expertly by Jade, indeed this one is all about the lyrics.

Finish Line has a much more typical country feel to it than the previous tracks on the album Finish Line is written from the heart with the sort of expression which gives country songs its fuel. Deep meaningful songs written from experience are at the core of the genre and with this song Jade does not disappoint.

The next song has a much faster tempo Troubled End rattles in and along with an almost old western movie style beat that would fit a film score well. Again Jade fill the song with warnings and deep foreboding.

Dirty guitar fills the next offering Good Time Gone a rocky track that recalls a bad time. Jade has an almost unique way of using lyrics to tell the story in her songs

“He handed me a cue to keep me stable, colours of the rainbow spinning on the table.”

Salt To Sugar Changes the pace and style once again to a softer more mellow sound. No country album is complete without a breakup song Jade uses her vocal range to the full on this song mixing the rasping almost trademark vocals and softer sweet pitches in good measure.

No Guarantees a cheating song which states there are no guarantees in love. Clever lyrics once again fill the songs composition
“She broke up with her love last week for saying her sister`s name in his sleep, oh it wasn’t the first time, learning to leave our love behind.”

My song of the album is Motorcycle a cracking song with excellent backing that compliments Jade`s vocals and as you would have come to expect by this stage of the album the trademark lyrics dont disappoint. Another moody atmospheric song oozing attitude and quality.

The penultimate track on the album is the title track Gilded the sort of song that you can’t help but to sway along with it`s a lovely paced number that glides through four minutes eight seconds in no time.

To finish off Jade`s excellent album we have the track called Better Off a fast paced rocky number that’s rattles along at a fair old rate of knots. This song gives the vibe of being an excellent song to see performed live a fitting number to sign off the album with.

Jade Jackson has delivered an album that has encompassed the art of dark foreboding storytelling allied with a rocky style that is almost unique. Country music as a genre has an amazing ability to absorb and embrace other genres within it, if you are looking for Taylor Swift esq country pop then this album isn`t for you. However, if you like incredible lyrics and an artist to tell you a story then you will love this work from Jade Jackson.

Graham Barnes

Graham Barnes

I live in a small fishing port in the south west of the United Kingdom, I started Belter Radio`s Country Belles almost two years agoand have built the show up to where it is now. I have an avid interest in Country Music and indeed other genres. Away from music you will more than likely find me playing darts and running a local dart league.
Graham Barnes

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