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EP REVIEW: Tia McGraff ‘Nothing To Lose’

Tia McGraff © Jonathan Edwards / Corvidae Studio Photos

Tia McGraff is a Canadian artist from Port Dover in Ontario whose work is widely acclaimed and she also received a first ballot nomination in the 2016 Grammy Awards. Her album Crazy Beautiful was released in 2015 in collaboration with her husband and writing partner Tommy Parham.

She has now followed that album up with this seven track acoustic EP which she says will give her fans a taste of her live set.

Clearly no one trick pony Tia has cleverly used Folk, Celtic and Country influences to name a few in her music.

As I am writing this review Tia is currently on tour in the United Kingdom (May 2017)

“…captured the mood and beauty of this very special place.”

Dartmoor the opening track is a surprise tribute to somewhere very close to where I am from. Tia and Tommy have really captured the mood and beauty of this very special place. The gently paced song with a simple backing of guitar and fiddle focuses the listener to concentrate on the excellent lyrics and beautifully pitched vocals.  You can just imagine standing on top of Hay Tor surveying the scene below.

The Eps Title track is up next Nothin` To Lose my personal favourite on the EP Nothin` To Lose has lovely blended vocals on the key points of the song which is combined with a more country sounding musical score.

“Cleverly written and beautifully sung Masterpiece…”

Masterpiece once again a gentle guitar backing Tia`s soft vocals. Cleverly written and beautifully sung Masterpiece contains harmonised vocals which add to the beauty of the song.

Faithful Ones is another song that benefits from lovely strategically placed harmonised vocals and a gentle rhythm. Faithful Ones is another pleasant track.

Faraway Man “One foot in the water, one foot in the sand, blame my indecision on a faraway man.” The opening lines of this track fit perfectly with the music yet again a carefully crafted and perfected track.

Rocks That You Can`t Move Guitar strums start this number as Tia joins in with her trademark crystal clear vocals. Tia is an excellent storyteller, expertly delivering the words of this song in a carefully measured way that really has the listener glued to her every word.

The final track on the EP Change A Comin rounds off a delightfully easy paced EP. In keeping with the style and pace of the previous tracks Change A Comin` does have a catchy hook with it.

“There is a rumble in the wind, we no longer have to wait, for the promise of a new day, hear the whistle blow and get ready to step on, changes a comin` our way.”

This delightfully mellow acoustic EP may not appeal to all, but with its honest songs, down to earth lyrics and pleasant melodies, this EP will be a favourite with her fans.

 Tia has produced a delightful EP which is sure to add to the accolades, their songwriting partnership has already garnered.




Graham Barnes

Graham Barnes

I live in a small fishing port in the south west of the United Kingdom, I started Belter Radio`s Country Belles almost two years agoand have built the show up to where it is now. I have an avid interest in Country Music and indeed other genres. Away from music you will more than likely find me playing darts and running a local dart league.
Graham Barnes

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