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William The Conqueror – Proud Disturber Of The Peace

William The Conqueror

This album which is due for release on the 4th August certainly ticks the “now for something completely different box”.

Cornish folk singer Ruarri Joseph`s new band William The Conqueror burst onto the music scene with their debut album which is far removed from Ruarri`s folk pedigree instead we are treated to an album full of edgy raw country tinged bluesy rock, just as Ruarri and the band intended.

The ten track album was recorded in Ruarri`s garage and it benefits from the experience to provide a taste of real raw music made by real musicians doing what they love.

In My Dreams – The opening track on the album sets the scene for the following tracks. It is well written and put together performed by the band in a well, practiced slick manner and would make a great single. Guitar driven this one cracks along at a foot tapping likeable pace.

Tend To The Thorns – the next track it has a good tempo and has enough catchy hooks to make it stand out. The backing music complements Ruarri`s voice well.

Did You Wrong – This tracks reminds me of an Eric Clapton style song. A raw guitar driven song with well-toned vocals and a pleasant tempo and a catchy beat. This one for me is the pick of the songs on the album.

Pedestals – This one once again starts with a mellow intro with a steady drum beat as the song unfolds the cleverly written lyrics tells a story well “Don`t build me up you can`t knock me down.” is the message in this song.

Sunny Is The Style – Guitar and harmonica form the intro to this offering another track with a gentle pace to it. Sunny Is The Style has been composed expertly, all of the songs elements fit well together to form another lovely sounding track that has an element of a countryish feel.

The Many Faces Of A Good Truth – A low key keyboard start then slow blues style guitar build the atmosphere on this moody atmospheric song. This song shows a different side to the band a simple gentle backing giving a raw edged sound.

Proud Disturber Of The Peace – The title track is another raw almost dirty sounding bluesy rock style track. Carrying on from the previous track in mood and style until it kicks in with a rapid change of pace and driven on by guitars it certainly does disturb the peace!

Cold Ontario – The band keeps the bluesy feel going on this one again this is well put together from the atmosphere, blended backing vocals and Ruarri`s rich tones.

Mind Keeps Changing – the guitars and a gentle beat carry this song along at a faster tempo than most of the tracks on the album. The catchy backing music makes this one my stand out song on the album.

Manawatu – the final offering starts off with a gentle guitar rhythm which is then joined by a harmonica and excellently toned vocals. A slow to medium tempo sets a gentle rhythm that carries the pleasant sounding song along to its conclusion. A fitting track to end the album with.

Making a move from an established path is a thing not for the faint hearted, but with artists of the calibre of Ruarri the quest for artistic freedom and to pursue a passion for a certain sound is a lure that has a too strong of a pull to be ignored.

William The Conqueror are a band that have sown a seed with this album who knows where they will go from here, maybe even they don`t know themselves.

Graham Barnes

Graham Barnes

I live in a small fishing port in the south west of the United Kingdom, I started Belter Radio`s Country Belles almost two years agoand have built the show up to where it is now. I have an avid interest in Country Music and indeed other genres. Away from music you will more than likely find me playing darts and running a local dart league.
Graham Barnes

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